About Mithra MFG.

Mission Statement:

Established in 2003, Mithra Tattoo Supplies has become recognized worldwide as the leader, and our name synonymous with, our ability to successfully implement a "highest quality at a competitive cost" approach to selling tattoo supplies! Many of the world's most recognized and decorated tattoo artists use Mithra made products on a daily basis. We view it not only as our job but also as our ultimate goal to provide tattoo artists the world over with the highest quality products in a diligent and professional manner!


About Our Product:

Mithra Tattoo Supplies understands that providing an artist with the highest quality needle and supplies plays a paramount role in the artist's ability to achieve their best results when tattooing. That is why Mithra stands above the rest as far as quality is concerned.

Mithra uses only the highest grade surgical stainless steel (316L) in the production of ALL of our needles, grips, tips, and tubes. All of these products are made from a 'single bar' of 316L grade surgical stainless steel, implementing NO MIXING of other metals (or cheaper steels), so that we ensure our product is medical grade in every facet!

Implementing a rigorous 8-step inspection process provides optimal needle quality as well as maximizing the usage of individually packaged needles per box, ensures integrity and durability. 

In addition to the use of 316L surgical stainless steel in all of our needles, grips, tips, and tubes, we only use UNLEADED SODER in attaching our needles to the bar.